RepRap Arduino Mega half Shield 1.6 the latest version of the popular board RAMPS. MOSFETs have been replaced with more powerful and are under great chladičem.Taktéž terminal undergone an upgrade and now you do not have to change anything.

11,96 € incl. VAT

13,96 € incl. VAT Discount 2 €

Availability: Trvale vyprodáno

Producer: na3D

The board extends the programmable logic controller Arduino Mega.

  • A4988 includes a slot (DRV8825) drivers steppers
  • is adapted to the Cartesian coordinate system
  • has 3 outputs source for heating the printhead / fan / heating pad and 3 thermistor for temperature measurement circuits
  • input voltage 12V

    This product may require professional installation is not separately functioning altogether.

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