FYSETC F6 V1.4 Control Plate
Control plate for 3D printers with the possibility of using digitally controlled engines (TMC2130-SPI and TMC2208 -serial) without the need for external "wire". Read more

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Producer: FYSETC


FYSETC F6 for 3D printer and other CNC devices. It provides six drivers slots and supports step -compatible stepper controls, especially TMC control modules.
• Compact Size: 127.35 mm x 92 mm
-Compatible with Arduino 2560-R3 (works with Sprinter, Repetier-Firmware, Marlin) < BR />-CH340 for high-speed USB serial connection-can be used with 9V-28V for engines /Heat Bed
-integrated high-precision power controllers (DC /DC): 5V 3A Max
- Automatic input selector for ATmega /Logic (Separate or USB power supply)
• Easy Display + SD-Card:
-compatible with Reprampdiscount SmartController on the board
-10p FPC for serial touch screen
-2x4 Pinheader Out for SD cards
• Up to 6 engine drivers with easy microclove settings and supports the TMC driver
• 10x PWM powerful MOSFET outputs (1 for Hotbed, 3 for Heat-End, 3 for fans, 3 for RGB LED strip)
• Hot-Bed is designed as a separate power supply for maximum current
• on-board external 2MB SPI Flash
• PCB:
-4 Layers
- 2oz copper inner layer, 1oz outside Far layers
-high quality, high-temperature FR4-TG130 PCB
-Gold finishes Enig

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  • New, better, more powerful. Latest 32 bit control board from BTT. The main advantages include the double axis connector, multiple fans connectors. WIFI support, RGB rig control and much more.

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