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  • The 3D printer kit of Hiprecy Leo 1S is the latest addition to our assortment. 3D printer with magnetic heated pad, all-metal construction, double-axis Z, printing area 230x220x260mm.

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  • The I3 MK3S 3D printer is a smart and available 3D printer, suitable not only for handymen but also for many others interested in 3D printing. Print space with dimensions 25x21x21 cm - replaceable printing plates on a magnetic heated pad. The 3D printer comes in 3 variants - without/with printed parts or assembled when it is possible to print immediately after unpacking.

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  • 3D printer i3 mini - compact, practical, available, reliable, smart printer. An ideal choice for handymen, press farms, beginners and more interested in 3D printing. Printing space 18x18x18 cm - replaceable printing plates on a magnetic heated pad, Ethernet port, 32-bit control plate, large 2.8 "LCD (available and 3.2" variant). We supply in 3 variants - without/with printed parts or set assembled when you can print right after unpacking.

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    from 340,36 €

  • The Voron V2.4 R2 3D printer is suitable for all 3D printers. Printing area with dimensions of 350 x 350 x 350 mm. The VORON 2.4 3D printer is equipped with a high-quality belt, a linear guide made of high-quality stainless steel, a premium silicone heated pad with glass fiber. The 3D printer is supplied in 3 variants - without / with printed parts or completely assembled.

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  • 3D printer S8.

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    297,81 €

  • Create 3D objects from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the 250 x 220 x 260 print envelope, you can materialize any of your ideas. Main benefits: high-quality heated mat (heats to 110°C in 1 minute), automatic shutdown, continued printing after a power failure, filament end detection, WiFi, automatic cleaning of the nozzle with a brush, 3.5" LCD touch screen.

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    1489,21 €

  • DRAK


    The large-format Drak printer from our production brings you many options for printing. The printer can be used especially for printing large prototypes, architectural models, products, etc. Printing envelope: 615 × 463 × 616 mm is sufficient for printing most 3D models. (We can meet your requirements and deliver printers even much larger - contact us for options) The printer has high-quality step engines from Panasonic - the accuracy of movement is 0.06 mm.

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  • The most affordable SLA printer S130 offers you a highly detailed print. You can print jewelry, prototypes, dentures and much more. The size of 130 x 130 x 180 - provides sufficient space for your models. The printer offers an interactive display to control and track printing. Thanks to the wide range of materials, everyone chooses the most suitable for the project.

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    2761,50 €

  • Quality small 3D printer, which can create three-dimensional objects of any shape with a size of up to 12 x 12 x 12 cm. This printer can create objects using the accurate application of thin layers of plastic from different colored tubing. Min. layer thickness 0.15 mm, supported materials ABS and PLS.

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