• Designed for cooling tubes in laser plotters. The cooler keeps the water temperature at the appropriate level, thanks to such cooling the working parameters of the laser tube are stable. If you equip your engraver with a cooler, you will ensure optimal working conditions for the CO2 tubes and effectively protect them from overheating and subsequent damage. The machine is suitable for persons / companies in which the laser plotter is used on a daily basis. The industrial water cooler has a capacity of 6 l, 8 l and 9 l. Flow, cooling 50 W/℃, voltage 220 V, frequency 50/60 Hz and current 0.9 A. You can also use the professional water cooler for the spindles of CNC milling machines.

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    from 246,75 €

  • CNC machine tools use tools for milling, drilling or turning, but they differ from classic machine tools in the operator system. The predecessor of advanced CNC machines was a classic model that operated according to programmed commands. Today, the control unit is a computer, which can realize even demanding shapes or precise details. CNC machining centers are mainly intended for hard materials, but also for the production of custom parts or prototypes. CNC machines process ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but also plastic. It can also process rubber or graphite.

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    from 957,33 €

  • The lathe is used in the production of rotary parts and elements of various sizes. Turned parts are often only part of a final system or sub-assembly, and we can find components for internal combustion engines, fasteners for subsea gas pipelines in the oil and gas industry, rotary shafts for aircraft engines or bone screws for medical applications and much more.

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    from 1106,26 €

  • CNC, or "computer-controlled machine tool", i.e. machine tools using a computer "CNC control system" is used to machine products according to pre-prepared technological NC programs. Comgrow Robo CNC machine tool is available in two variants - Robo CNC and Robo CNC with 5W laser power.

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    from 425,46 €



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