• The belt sander is a helper when sanding beams, planks, boards, etc. The belt sander can remove old paints and varnishes, it can revive "worn" wood surfaces, or rid them of chips and unevenness.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    from 651,85 €

  • Comgrow laser protection shield against smoke and odor from laser engraving machine. It also protects your eyes against blue light. Protective shield against laser radiation.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    106 €

  • Designed for cooling tubes in laser plotters. The cooler keeps the water temperature at the appropriate level, thanks to such cooling the working parameters of the laser tube are stable. If you equip your engraver with a cooler, you will ensure optimal working conditions for the CO2 tubes and effectively protect them from overheating and subsequent damage. The machine is suitable for persons / companies in which the laser plotter is used on a daily basis. The industrial water cooler has a capacity of 6 l, 8 l and 9 l. Flow, cooling 50 W/℃, voltage 220 V, frequency 50/60 Hz and current 0.9 A. You can also use the professional water cooler for the spindles of CNC milling machines.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    from 203 €

  • UV printers use UV-sensitive ink technology, which is instantly cured by UV light lamps. Thanks to this technology, you can print, for example, on soft foils, paper boxes and even hard metals. The substrate can be almost any, only for some sensitive materials such as polished metals, glass, it is necessary to use primers (glues) that help the ink adhere to the substrate. The UV uses a circulating water cooling system that ensures operation at low temperatures.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    from 1916,63 €

  • We use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean and degrease objects such as prints from resin printers, or jewelry, glasses, etc. Thanks to ultrasound, it removes all impurities. The cleaner can also be used as a cleaner for glasses. The ultrasonic glasses cleaner is also suitable for gentle cleaning of glasses without scratching the frames and lenses. This will remove any dirt from the glasses. Ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for both household and industrial use.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    from 81,28 €

  • Laser diode for CNC routers and laser engravers. Wide compatibility, suitable for example for Comgrow and Creality3D Ender 3/Ender 3v2/Ender 3 Pro! This laser head is characterized by very high accuracy.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    from 52,76 €

  • High quality Comgrow Honeycomb laser mat for lasers and CNC machines. Straight, firm, stable and safe work mat for laser engravers and cutters. Thanks to this mat, you will achieve a smoother and cleaner cut when cutting with a laser, because the excess energy of the laser is not reflected back to the product. Fumes and soot do not settle on the surface of the mat, thanks to which the underside of the product is much cleaner. Place the mat on a non-combustible material.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    121,86 €

  • Rotary axis A for laser engravers and CNC machines from Comgrow. Suitable for most laser engraving machines and 3D printers, suitable for laser engraving cylindrical objects.

    Availability: Up 2 weeks

    105,62 €

  • Filter system for CO2 laser to remove smoke fumes and other air pollution. Used for air filtration and removal of laser cutting and engraving fumes for small and medium CO2 lasers. An ideal accessory for cleaning the air in spaces where it is not possible to take the smoke outside.

    Availability: On demand

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