RAMPS 1.6+

RAMPS 1.6+

RepRap Arduino Mega Shield half ejnovější 1.6 plus version of the popular board RAMPS. MOSFETs have been replaced with more powerful and are under great chladičem.Taktéž terminal undergone an upgrade and now you do not have to change anything. In addition, dual connectors.

13,96 € incl. VAT

Availability: In stock <10pcs

  • 4-layer printed circuit board blue
  • MOSFETs are "horizontally" heat dissipation
  • Compatible with STEP / DIR and SPI mode
  • X, Y, Z, E0, E1 - double connectors for easy connection of multiple motors
  • Better terminals up to 30A
  • heatsink on the MOSFETs
  • power only 270W

    Mosfet for washer 170W to 40W Hotend

    Engines 50W 5W Fans

    preferably 4-layer boards

    1. closed loop grounding
    2. better electrical conductivity
    3. good divorce / heat dissipation
    4. stronger immunity
    5. High stability

      This product may require professional installation is not separately functioning altogether.

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