Purchase coils FIBER3D

Purchase coils FIBER3D

Purchase undamaged coils of strings FIBER3D. As the first manufacturer of strings and coil recycle boxes filaments.

Availability: repurchase

Producer: FIBER3D

FIBER3D as one of the first manufacturers redeems undamaged coils and boxes from their strings.

coils without boxes: 5 CZK
Boxes without coil: 5 CZK
Complete brown coil box: 10 CZK
Complete White box with coil CZK 15

The purchase is possible from three pieces. Takeback coils are used Complaint Assistant zásilkovny (for purchase, please contact us with information about how much you have. Above a certain volume will be addressed individually - collection sites are not in solution).

The redemption price will be determined immediately after receiving coils, the payment takes place through a coupon on your next purchase.

The procedure for repayment:
    1. Send us much information you want to send coils (ideally with a photograph of their condition) email vykup@na3d.cz
    2. pack for transporting coils
    3. You will get a special code for return shipment.
    4. at https://www.zasilkovna.cz/pobocky can find the nearest branch offering complaints service assistant. (Alternatively, we recommend you use zásilkovny - steps you accelerate)
    5. The operator pass code and shipment. They take care of the rest.
    6. Wait a few days and you will receive an email voucher for your next purchase.
    7. When printing cheaper and repeat the process from the first point

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