TMC 2130 TMC2130 stepper motor driver

TMC 2130 TMC2130 stepper motor driver

Micro-stepping up to 1/256 - significantly quieter operation of the printer, advanced motor controller. Read more

In stock <10pcs

10,59 €

Producer: na3D


It supports STEP control mode.

Logic voltage: 3.3V / 5V

Input voltage range: 12 V / 24 V

The noise level of the driver is below 10 dB.

Prevents loss of step and tremors.

Size: 15 x 20 mm

Material: PCB

Features: silent

The product may require professional assembly, it is not an independently functional whole.

TMC 2130 TMC2130 stepper motor driver
TMC 2130 TMC2130 stepper motor driver

10,59 €

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