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  • Coupling for the transmission of torque between the rod and the engine. The flexible coupling does not destroy the engine. It facilitates easy service interventions. It brings precision to building your devices. Dimensions: 5x5 /5x6 / 5x8 mm. (The product can be ordered 1 piece at a time, the photo is only illustrative.)

    Availability: In stock 10 to 100 pcs

  • Arduino Mega is an ideal board for larger projects that brings new possibilities. Greater performance, more pins, more space for your projects is Arduino Mega 2560. It is a clone with CH340 ballast.

    Availability: Sold out

    12,72 €

  • RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield 1.4.

    Availability: Permanently out of stock

    8,47 €

  • Smart 3D printer solutions, easy usability and affordability This is minitronics.

    Availability: In stock <10pcs

    63,78 €

  • 0.56 Nm stepping motor with integrated T8x8 trapezoidal screw - length 420 mm - including matching nut - it is recommended to replace the nut with a nut with a spring to limit the clearance. Thanks to the integrated screw, you don't have to use flexible couplings or connections with different tubes.

    Availability: Sold out

    27,61 €

  • Stepstick A4988 - stepper motor controller. Driver A4988 is a basic motor driver. Ideal for beginners and initial tests.

    Availability: Sold out

    2,51 €

  • One of the better kits of 3D printers by the Czech author. Quality all -metal Hotend with Teflon inside. The basic configuration is the electronics of RamPs + Arduino + Steppery A4988 + external MOSFET for powering the heated pad. Complete set of all the necessary parts to build a printer. The printer is more difficult to assemble, but rewards you with high stiffness and beautiful prints.

    Availability: On demand

    595,66 €

  • Dual hotend for two-material or two-color printing. Including fan, 2 pcs 0.4/1.75 mm nozzles, heating elements (40W) and NTC 100K 3950 thermistor. Easy height adjustment via smooth heatbreaks. Hotend voltage 12 or 24 V.

    Availability: In stock <10pcs

  • Single nozzle hotend for color mixing. 2 colors in one output. Including heating element (40W), thermistor and fan. Voltage according to choice 12 or 24 V.

    Availability: Sold out

    16,98 €

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