3D printer Voron TRIDENT

3D printer Voron TRIDENT

Easy to assemble 3D printer kit Voron Trident - CoreXY printer. The printer is completely enclosed, boasting a high-precision and anodized profile frame. Exclusive appearance, supports printing high-temperature consumables such as: ABS, PC, etc. Read more


On demand

1701,96 €

Producer: na3D


We deliver in several print volume sizes and color variants.

IMPORTANT: 3 printer properties are selected

Length 300 mm - means a print volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Color black - means the black color of the aluminum profiles

without printed parts (you have to print the construction parts yourself on your printer)
complete kit (the supplied printed parts are only for basic construction and commissioning, without covers and non-essential parts for construction and functionality. The parts are made of PET-G material in our chosen color)
assembled printer (complete tested printer completed including covering)

If the status is "on order", delivery takes 1 - 2 weeks. If we have the kit in stock, the assembled printer can be available within 2 weeks.

3D printer parameters:

  • It has three independent Z axes, automatic alignment and leveling, simpler operation and, above all, high printing accuracy.
  • The movement of the XY axis uses the CoreXY structure, which can realize high-speed and high-precision printing, which greatly shortens the printing time.
  • High-quality powder PEI printing plate, boasts good adhesion, flexibility and, above all, is easy to use. Aluminum heating plate with surface treatment MIC6 with flatness up to 0.1 mm.
  • Original brand new Mean Well LRS-200-24 and RS-25-5 power supplies are included, which ensure a stable and reliable power source and increase the stability of your 3D printer.
  • It boasts an all-metal "Dragon" hotend, which allows it to be used on a direct extruder or a bowden extruder
  • Comes with a complete set of teflon and silicone wires with crimped ends, very stable and durable, suitable for length, plug and play, easy to use, and use the guide groove at the bottom to hide the wiring harness, which complements the whole look of the printer beautifully .
  • Using a high-precision stainless steel linear guide, the print quality is first-class and the position is accurate with very stable operation.
  • The use of GATES brand belts is characterized by wear resistance, no slippage and a long service life.
  • Includes relays, limit switches, Omron proximity switches and more.
  • Silicone thermal pad (silicone heated pad), high temperature resistance, with overheating protection, high power 110/220 V 650 W, guarantees fast heating.
  • Using a 3:1 reduction ratio extruder can increase the extrusion force over a long distance. The gearbox is made of finely machined and hardened steel materials, and its surface layer is electroplated to ensure smooth and efficient extrusion of consumables and thereby improve print quality.
  • Using the Spider (STM32 + TMC2009) and Raspberry Pi 4 control board, it can achieve higher printing speed, provide web control (via WiFi or Internet), can be connected to a camera, and the printer is equipped with a mini12864 RGB color LCD display.


Printer dimensions L*W*H
530 x 609 x 588 mm
Weight 29 Kg
Printer technology FDM / FFF

The assembled printer is only for personal collection, it is not possible to send!

The basic STL for the construction can be found here. (will be added, we are preparing the STL package)

Complete 3D models can be found on the VORON design designer github here

Check the polarity of the connectors before connecting.

3D printer Voron TRIDENT
3D printer Voron TRIDENT

1701,96 €

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