Black flexible plate
Steel pad suitable for 3D printing. It facilitates 3D printing, the printout can be easily removed from this pad. The pad is double -sided with easy maintenance. Black pad for 3D printing with powder deposition of special industrial oil. Read more


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Producer: FYSETC


Dimensions: 310 x 310 mm, 235 x 235 mm


  • no 3M tape or adhesive is needed when printing
  • no PEI film change
  • easy to print on this pad
  • the print is easy to remove from the pad - the pad bends
  • easy maintenance
  • double sided
  • genuine PEI powder coated finish
  • no warping
  • suitable for materials: PLA, ABS, PET-G, TPU, PVA and others.

Material: steel plate with powder coating of special industrial oil (so called Chinese PEI copy) - thicker layer of oil on which magnets do not stick well

Compatible 3D printer: printer with similar size magnetic pad

Maintenance: wipe the print surface with isopropyl alcohol before and after printing to keep the surface clean for maximum adhesion to the pad. As with other pads, make sure the nozzle is not too close to the pad.

Removing prints: remove prints from a cold pad (less than 30°C) by slightly bending the plate (hot removal will damage the pad surface)

WARNING - pads may be slightly bowed by millimetres - this is due to thermal stress during coating. The sagging of the pad cannot be claimed - it is a feature of the product.

Recommended printing temperatures:

Pad temperature: 40°-75°C.
Nozzle temperature: 200°-210°C

2. PET-G:

Pad temperature: 70°-90°C
Nozzle temperature: 240°-250°C

The pad is not suitable for ABS printing when used in combination with magnets (magnets lose their strength above 80°C)

Please note: Our magnets are not suitable for use in combination with this printing plate - they do not have sufficient strength when used over the printing plate. We recommend using them together with clips and flat magnets. You can order them here.


Warning: Our magnets are not suitable for use in combination with this printing plate - do not have sufficient strength when using the print plate. It is recommended to use together with clips and flat magnets. You can order them here .

Black flexible plate
Black flexible plate

34,05 €

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