Sample FIBER3D Wood - wooden filament 1.75 mm 10 m

Sample FIBER3D Wood - wooden filament 1.75 mm 10 m

WOOD material PLA blended with wood. Your prints will gain the appearance of wood products. Eco-friendly material made from corn starch. Environmentally friendly. Non-toxic and safe. Filament diameter: 1.75 mm ± 0.02 mm. 1 kg - comprises about 390 m of the cord diameter 1.75 mm. Comes in the color of wood. WOOD material supply well over 10 m package for 3D pen.

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High quality print material marks FIBER3D.

href="" WOOD is a material PLA blended with wood (20%) for better appearance products. Your prints will gain the appearance of wood products. WOOD filament for 3D printer is just like a PLA filament very hard and when printing does not exclude chemical smell. It is tkaé a biodegradable material - made from renewable natural resources.

Material Description PLA Polylactic acid, polylactic acid is bioplastics from a maize starch with similar properties as plastic made from petroleum. This plastic is much more environmentally friendly than eg. ABS. WOOD material is soluble by means of tetrahydrofuran. In the event of prolonged exposure to acetone may cause etching of the surface. The print string WOOD is safe and biodegradable in nature through controlled composting. When compared to the ABS, we find that the strength of the material is higher, the material is preferably printable. When printing is possible WOOD actively cooled and there is also a need for heated washer. A disadvantage is the lower thermal resistance and higher abrasion towards the outlet nozzle. Very often it is necessary to slower print speed. WOOD treatment temperature is 190-220 ° C.

Finish material can not easily be sanded or drilled holes into print, because when these activities produce heat, which causes the "pulling" threads from printout. It is therefore appropriate for manual grinding printout cool (eg. You can grind under water. The material should be sprayed first filler (used for modeling) and then grind again sprayed and over again until the model for us, perfectly smooth and then sprayed paint) . The resulting model is also possible to insert into "omílačky" along with shells, rocks, remnants filaments.

Storage We recommend to ensure a dry environment. Under poor storage in humid conditions absorbs moisture, which is reflected in the press as bubbles on the surface. Keep away from heat.

The main advantages of the material:

  • small shrinkage during cooling-pad is not necessary or heated chamber
  • good quality prints even when printing at high speed
  • soluble in sodium hydroxide
  • biodegradable material

    Weight incl. Packaging: 1.36 kg; The outer diameter of the coil: 200 mm; The diameter of the central bore: 56 mm; Coil width: 64 mm.

    The material is supplied in the href="" cardboard box , vacuum-packed with silica gel that absorbs moisture.

    Supplied in color wood.

Color: wood
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,02 mm
Bed temperature: 0 - 50° C
Nozzle temperature: 190 - 220° C

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