Titan Extruder

Titan Extruder

Titan is gearing universal extruder plastic extruder! Thanks extruder gears have more strength for administration materiálu.Je suitable for many types of printers, for example. Rebel, Rebelix, Prusa, Anet, and many others. Extruder is universal - as in the standard package are parts Bowden and direct version (direct) and also parts strunu.Titan 1.75 mm extruder is suitable for all types of materials from flexion through PLA etc. To challenging materials such as Nylon, Carbon , Polycarbonate. Lighten travel extruder with great variation. Print faster with lighter weight (smaller engine through gearing or motor on the frame through Bowden cable)!

11,96 € incl. VAT

15,96 € incl. VAT Discount 4 €

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Producer: na3D

The current version has been enhanced - pictures soon update

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