Face shield

Face shield

Disposable protective shield against droplets. Non-certified product! You can not choose the color, we send random colors subject to availability. Shield is very light, the entire assembly weighs only 40 grams. Material body PET-G. Before ordering large quantities please check availability. For medical staff favorable conditions.

1,96 € incl. VAT

Availability: On demand

Producer: na3D

The package contains components to a face shield assembly (supplied unassembled). Holder shield, the shield film 2, rubber (elastic strip).


This is a copy of a 3D printer during emergencies, therefore, the copy to find imperfections recommend zkontolovat side towards the front, any projection need to be removed.

shield consists of three parts, headband, and the elastic film.
- elastic band to slip the rear latch headband.
- Position the film on the projections on the front side of the headband.

Any other protective film may be purchased at stationery (recommended: front
film for spiral binding, A4 size, 150 to 300 micron - upon availability - all working thickness).


Before use all parts recommend to disinfect and clean a shield. To disinfect recommend any aggressive chemistry. Shields are trying to produce in a clean environment.

Shield has no certification (The shield can be reused after reprocessing).

Please note the opinion SZU http: // www.szu.cz/tema/prevence/stanovisko-k-noseni-ochranneho-stitu-bez-rousky

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