TFT 2.8 "- Touchscreen

TFT 2.8 "- Touchscreen

MKS TFT28 touchscreen allows you to easily control your printer. Display supports a USB flash drive, SD card. With the extension module can be connected via WiFi.

39,96 € incl. VAT

Availability: soon available

Producer: na3D


  1. 2.8-inch full color touch screen, supports USB flash disk and SD card
  2. Provides continuous updating of the software upgrade is an easy method
  3. You can use the Base Ramps 1.4.'a MKS, MKS Gen, Mini and MKS Board motherboards
  4. The main program is not necessary to modify the firmware supports Marlin, Repetier, Smoothieware
  5. supports printing is turned off, saving shutdown
  6. Support detect any material
  7. boot logo and buttons can be designed
  8. The ability to add a custom button

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