PCL 100 2.85 mm 750 g Natural

PCL 100 2.85 mm 750 g Natural

Setting tiskárnyTeplota nozzle: 115-145 ° C substrate temperature: 30-45 ° C To schladujte unused fiber in a bag, cold, dry and dark

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Facilan ™ 100 polycaprolactone PCL 750 g

  • Facilan ™ PCL 100 it is perfect for high-value applications such as Microsoft medical research.
  • Our Customers use our PCL for research into artificial trachea, smart materials, scaffolds for tissue engineering, bioabsorbable implants, drug-loaded implants and other cutting-edge applications.
  • Facilan ™ PCL 100 is Used by many Leading universities and research centers Worldwide for bleeding edge technology work in bioprinting and patient-specific medical research.
  • Facilan ™ PCL 100 is very flexible and tough with glass transition temperature of -60 C and a print temperature of around 120C.
  • Facilan ™ PCL100 is polycaprolactone homopolymer with a molecular weight of 50000 g / mol.
  • Facilan PCL100 ™ is a semi-crystalline biodegradable aliphatic polyester with white final appearance.
  • The filament produced by ElogioAM is based on raw material produced in compliance with the European regulations EC No. No. 1935/2004 and EC 10/2011 Concerning plastic materials and articles coming into contact with food.
  • The material has an amazing Adhesion Between Layers Which results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability, and printability.
  • Due to the low melting point, of Facilan ™ PCL100 it can be reshaped after the 3D Printing in water with a temperature of 55C.

    Recommended restrictions
    Do not use in medical applications Involving permanent implantation in the human body.

    Elogio AM polycaprolactone Facilan ™ PCL 100 is one of the most extensively Used bioprinting 3D printing and Medical Research Materials worldwide.

    Sold on a 750-gram spool in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter.

    Facilan ™ PCL100 Material Properties
    • Density: 1.1 g / cc
    • Tensile Strength 45 MPa
    • Elongation at Yield: 15%
    • Tensile Modulus 350MPa
    • IZOD Impact Strength (notched): 8 kJ / m2
    • Shore D Hardness: 46
    • Heat Deflection Temperature (0.45 MPa): 57 C

      Print Settings

      • Bed Temperature : 30-45 ° C
      • Adhesion: PEI sheets
      • Print Temperature: 130 to 170 ° C
      • Print Speed: 20-40 mm / s
      • Notes: This material will flow readily from your nozzle, for best results use extra cooling on your model and bed.

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