UV printer for printing objects

UV printer for printing objects

UV printers use UV-sensitive ink technology, which is instantly cured by UV light lamps. Thanks to this technology, you can print, for example, on soft foils, paper boxes and even hard metals. The substrate can be almost any, only for some sensitive materials such as polished metals, glass, it is necessary to use primers (glues) that help the ink adhere to the substrate. The UV uses a circulating water cooling system that ensures operation at low temperatures. Read more

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From July 2023, a demonstration of the A4 machine is possible at our address, the demonstration will be possible by prior arrangement.


The UV printer uses a circulating water cooling system, which ensures operation at low temperatures and a longer lifetime of the UV lamp.
It can print white ink continuously, which is a breakthrough in traditional digital printing technology.
The UV lamp can be started and stopped at any time, without preheating, saving time.
UV light curing ink, no pollution, no smell (after printing), instantly cured, no fading.
High-precision printing, the resolution can be up to 1440 dpi.
Automatic height control system (for A3 models).
Using the linear silent rail, stable, reliable and high precision can be ensured.
Suitable materials: mobile phone cases/acrylic/PV/PVC/TPU/leather/tile/lithography/crystal/iron/aluminum/plastic (some materials need to use primer/adhesive bridge and the right kind of ink)

3 variants:


  • Model: A3-19
  • Printing technology: continuous supply of 6 colors
  • Print height: 120mm
  • Print speed: 70 seconds for A4 size photos
  • Print resolution: 5760 * 2880 dpi
  • Printing colors: six colors C blue M red Y yellow K black W white
  • Print range: 320*420mm
  • Product nozzle: Epson 1390 original
  • Output software: RIP color management software
  • UV lamp cooling: air cooling + radiator + circulating water cooling
  • Height adjustment: infrared automatic height measurement
  • Maintenance of nozzles: automatic cleaning / manual
  • cleaning / automatic ink extraction
  • Ink Type: UV Ink/Textile Ink
  • Ink supply mode: white ink circulation / ink bottle direct supply
  • Voltage: 220 V 50-60 Hz


  • Power: 250W
  • Printing platform size: 500mm * 320mm * 220mm
  • Length required for machine work: 1153 mm
  • UV lamp effective area: 500 mm * 279 mm
  • Printable bottle diameter range: 60-150mm
  • Printer nozzle type: EPSON Photo L1800/R1390/1430
  • Print speed: approximately 178 seconds for A3
  • Printing software: AcroRIP White ver9.0(free)
  • Color printing configuration: CMYK LC LM or CMYK+2W
  • Ink delivery method: CISS
  • Computer operating system: xp win7-10


  • Power: 90W
  • Applicable ink type: LED UV ink
  • Print thickness: 0-50mm (0-2")
  • Print speed: 4*6 inches/12s
  • Print Height: 2" (50mm)
  • Maximum Print Size: 6.5"*12" (165*300mm)
  • English language
  • Connection: USB 2.0 port
  • Working conditions: 68~86F (20-30℃), humidity 40%-70%
  • Ink System: CISS System, easy to refill
  • Printing technology: non-contact electric type inkjet printing
  • Operating system: Windows7-10

Notice! All parts that come into contact with the ink are considered consumable parts and are not covered by the legal responsibility for product quality according to our terms and conditions (12/24 months) (Unfortunately, if you use the printer incorrectly, you can damage the print head faster - how the customer handles with the printer cannot be influenced and therefore cannot be held responsible for such damage)

UV printer for printing objects
UV printer for printing objects

3616,71 €

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