FIBER3D PET-G 1.75 mm filament 5 kg

FIBER3D PET-G 1.75 mm filament 5 kg

PET-G filament exhibits good stiffness, impact resistance. good thermal stability, resistance to acids and solvents. Filament diameter: 1.75 mm ± 0.02 mm. 1 kg - comprises about 390 m of the cord diameter 1.75 mm. Comes in a wide range of colors 20 shades. PET-G material supply well over 10 m package for 3D pen.

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  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

  • 79,96 € incl. VAT

79,96 € incl. VAT

Producer: FIBER3D

High quality print material marks FIBER3D.

PET-G material < / strong> for 3D printer is very hard and tough material with good temperature stability. This material shrinkage due to the small print is suitable for printing large objects. Materials for 3D printing known as PET usually do not have the same composition as the PET bottles. Manufacturers protects the chemical composition of the PET material.

Material Description PET-G, polyethylene terephthalate, characterized crease resistance and low moisture absorption. PET-G is unlike other materials more resistant to acids and solvents, high and low temperatures. The subject of this printed material can be thermoformed or rub it with fire. Temperature resistance of the material of 60 ° - 85 ° C. Processing temperature 200-240 DEG C.

Storage Keep dry. Keep away from heat.

List the main features:

  • when printing large volume model is lighter
  • release harmful odors

    Weight incl. Packaging: 1.36 kg; The outer diameter of the coil: 200 mm; The diameter of the central bore: 56 mm; Coil width: 64 mm.

    The material is supplied in the href="" cardboard box , vacuum-packed with silica gel that absorbs moisture.

    Available in a wide range of colors 20 colors.

    PET-G is best suited for printing holders of protective shields against SARS-CoV-second More info on our Facebook page.


Color: yellow, green, blue, red, white, black
Weight: 5 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,02 mm
Bed temperature: 25 - 70° C
Nozzle temperature: 220 - 250° C

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