LW PLA NATURAL FILAMENT 1.75 mm Colorfabb 750 g

LW PLA NATURAL FILAMENT 1.75 mm Colorfabb 750 g

750 g. LW-PLA is the first filament of its kind by the Dutch manufacturer Colorfabb, which uses active foam technology to create light plants with low density. At about 230 ° C, the material starts to foam and increases its volume almost three times. Read more

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Producer: ColorFabb


Thanks to the expansion properties of the material, users can reduce the material flow by up to 60 % and thus reduce weight by up to 65 % from conventional PLA. Nevertheless, 3D printing is very accurate with an amazingly matt surface that is easy to work.

can also very effectively shorten the printing time using large layer heights or extra thick individual perimeters.

Information on how to use this material.


for precise printing and to achieve the desired properties it is necessary for LW PLA Fine tuning and optimization.


Principle of active singing technology:

It depends on speed, temperature and flow. To control the LW PLA expansion, focus on these print parameters, this allows you to change the density of the material of different parts on a particular model.

Colorfabb LW PLA recommends four phases of printing printing to achieve maximum expansion at a given speed, temperature and flow.

  • Print the cube at your chosen printing speed at temperatures between 200 ° C to 280 ° C
  • Measure the thickness of the perimeter of each cube and record the temperature with the greatest expansion.
  • Print additional cubes with decreasing flow levels at temperature specified in step 2.
  • Select the print where the peripheral thickness corresponds to the nozzle size.

Print more models!

Reduction of flow also means less filament consumption. Therefore, with LW-PLA material can be printed two to three times as many parts as with normal plants

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Additional information

Category: PLA
Color: natural
Weight: 0,75 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,03 mm
Bed temperature: 0-60°C
Nozzle temperature: 195-250°C
LW PLA NATURAL FILAMENT 1.75 mm Colorfabb 750 g
LW PLA NATURAL FILAMENT 1.75 mm Colorfabb 750 g

47,66 €

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