Hard-Tough resin eSUN 1 kg 70,16 € 6%

Hard-Tough resin eSUN 1 kg

Highly tenacious resin from the manufacturer eSUN, 1 kg package (net weight of the resin). Resin with similar properties as ABS material. This resin is a kind of polyurethane acrylic resin, which is characterized by high strength, wear resistance and high mechanical properties. This material is suitable for printing parts that require stiffness and toughness. Read more


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Producer: eSUN


 Resin-like ABS 】 properties similar to ABS. Hardness Shore 81D . Less fragile. Higher toughness and stiffness. High shock strength. Wear resistance. High mechanical properties. Suitable for printing industrial parts that require higher toughness.

 High accuracy and low shrinkage 】 This resin contains polyurethane acrylate monomers that reduce volumetric shrinkage during the curing process, ensuring a high precision print model with a smooth surface.

 Fast curing and great stability 】 Esun Rapid Resin has been designed to reduce print time due to its excellent fluidity. Meanwhile, UV resin has a good combination of hardness and toughness, a strong adhesion of the model and easily separates after forming.

Professional LCD Formation resin 】 specially designed for LED light source to achieve better print quality. Esun Resin is compatible with most LCD 3D printers for fast prototypes of cars, electronic products and architectural models.

Safe and secure package 】 Pure weight: 1000 g. Fat aluminum bottle completely protected from light. A leak -resistant bottle fully packed in a plastic bubble bag to ensure that the resin remains where it belongs.



  wavelength (nm) density (g/cm³) viscosity (25 ° C, MPA · s) hardness
e-resin Pla 395-405 1.07-1.13 200-300 75-80 d
e-resin PLA for 395-405 1.09-1.10 200-300 78-80 d
Standard 395-405 1.08-1.13 150-200 80-82 d
Water Washable 395-410 1.05-1.25 100-120 76 d
Dental Mold 355-405 1.05-1.25 150-300 76 d
hard-tough 395-405 1.10-1.15 200-300 81 d
rigid 395-405 1.10-1.15 200-300 83 d
Castable for Jewelry 395-405 1.05-1.12 100-150 60 d
Castable for Dental 395-405 1.05-1.12 100-150 80 d
Precision model 405 1.13-1.15 150-200 85 d
flexible 395-405 1.02-1.05 600-1400 60-90 and
Abs-like 395-405 1.08-1.12 200-300 75-81 d
Red Wax 355-410 1.05-1.25 150-250 84 d
e-resin PMMA LIKE 395-405 1.05-1.15 300 70 d

tensile strength


bending strength


Extension at a break point


notch toughness


e-resin Pla 35-50 40-60 20-50 15-32
e-resin PLA for 37-48 36-49 25-28 32-36
Standard 46-67 46-72 28-35 18-40
Water Washable 68 45-70 5-10 18-39
Dental Mold 42-62 59-70 11-20 44-49
hard-tough 55-60 70-80 30-50 67-100
rigid 60-70 80-85 25-35 15-42
Castable for Jewelry 42-62 49-58 11-20 44-49
Castable for Dental 42-62 49-58 11-20 44-49
Precision model 335-410 77 12.1 44
flexible 4-10 / 100-350 /
Abs-like 30-60 30-75 35-52 40-110
Red Wax 36-52 59-70 10-20 44-49
e-resin PMMA LIKE 58 30 10 15
Hard-Tough resin eSUN 1 kg
Hard-Tough resin eSUN 1 kg

65,91 €

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