Teflon PTFE hose pipe 1 m

Teflon PTFE hose pipe 1 m

Teflon tube into hotendu or for Bowden. The tube has an internal diameter of 1.9 mm outer 4 mm. The smaller inner diameter has the advantage that less space to "twist" strings during administration - i.e., more accurate dosing of the material.

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Producer: na3D

The package contains 1 m PTFE tube.

The PTFE tube XS 4.2 mm is a low adhesion for use in a 3D printer (or bowden cable heatbreak)

The inner diameter of tube: 1.9 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)
Outer diameter of tube: 3,995 mm (+/- 0.025 mm)
Material: PTFE Capricorn XS
Max. temperature: 340 DEG C

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