FIBER3D PLA filament glow in the dark 1.75 mm 1 kg

FIBER3D PLA filament glow in the dark 1.75 mm 1 kg

This special PLA filament excels in its ability to shine in the darkness. PLA is made from corn starch, it is an environmentally friendly material to the environment. Non-toxic and safe. Glow in the dark. Filament diameter: 1.75 mm ± 0.02 mm. 1 kg - comprises about 390 m of the cord diameter 1.75 mm. Comes in 6 colors. PLA glow in the dark material, we also deliver over 10 m package for 3D pen.

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  • 27,96 € incl. VAT

  • 27,96 € incl. VAT

  • 27,96 € incl. VAT

  • 27,96 € incl. VAT

27,96 € incl. VAT

Producer: FIBER3D

High quality print material marks FIBER3D.

glow in the dark is suitable for use 3D printer, it is very hard. When printing does not exclude chemical smell. Material PLA is biodegradable, is vyrobern of renewable natural resources. When printing large components, it helps you easily print just PLA.

Material Description PLA Polylactic acid, polylactic acid is bioplastics produced from corn starch. It has similar properties as plastics are made from petroleum. PLA is much more environmentally friendly than eg. ABS is non-toxic and biodegradable in přídobě. With tetrahydrofurane can be dissolved, any long-term exposure to acetone may cause etching of the surface. The disadvantage is a lower temperature resistance. In comparison to the ABS material strength higher, the material is preferably printable. PLA can be actively cooled when printing does not need a heating pad. PLA is the processing temperature from 190 to 220 ° C.

Finish: This material is difficult to machine due to the fact that during abrading or drilling into the product generates heat that causes a "pulling" fibers printout. It can therefore recommend the printout cooling, eg. Water cooling during manual grinding. The material can also be sprayed first filler (used for modeling), then grind, grind, and re-sprayed. These activities are then repeated until such time as you copy is not perfectly smooth. The resulting model can also be sprayed with paint. It can also be inserted into the "omílačky" along with shells, stones, remnants of filaments or pieces of copies.

Storage her: It is advisable to secure a dry environment. Under poor storage in humid conditions absorbs moisture, which is reflected in the press as bubbles on the surface. Keep away from heat.

The main advantages of the material:

  • glows in the dark
  • small shrinkage during cooling - it is not necessary heated pad or chamber
  • good quality prints even when printing at high speed
  • soluble in sodium hydroxide
  • biodegradable material

    Weight incl. Packaging: 1.36 kg; The outer diameter of the coil: 200 mm; The diameter of the central bore: 56 mm; Coil width: 64 mm.

    The material is supplied in the href="" cardboard box , vacuum-packed with silica gel that absorbs moisture.

    Comes in 6 shades.

    Note: The intensity of luminance in the dark depends on the illumination light.

    Solid blue Solid blue Solid blue Solid blue Solid blue Solid blue

Color: purple, yellow, green, blue, red, white
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,02 mm
Bed temperature: 0 - 60° C
Nozzle temperature: 190 - 220° C

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