Torque wrench having lugs on the nozzle

Torque wrench having lugs on the nozzle

With a torque wrench quickly and accurately pull the nozzle. Improve quality and build hotendu prevent unwanted leakage around the filament thread. Help the preset torque, always tighten the nozzle with the same force.

Product variants

  • $27.23 incl. VAT

  • $27.23 incl. VAT

$27.23 incl. VAT

Producer: na3D

The keys are delivered keys 3, 7, 8 and 9 mm

Nut size 7 - nozzles e3D V6 + volcano
Očech size 8 - MK8 nozzles (CR 10 ender Anet printers etc.)
Walnut size 9 - MK10 nozzles (flashforge)

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