FIBER3D PC - Polycarbonate fiber 1.75 mm 1 kg

FIBER3D PC - Polycarbonate fiber 1.75 mm 1 kg

Polycarbonate offers higher stiffness and temperature resistance. Interesting they are also the light-scattering properties. Highly resistant material to impact. Maintaining flexibility and cold. 1 kg - comprises about 390 m of the cord diameter 1.75 mm. Comes in a transparent color. PC material supply well over 10 m package for 3D pen.

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Producer: FIBER3D

High quality print material marks FIBER3D .

PC for printing material 3D printers are among thermoplastics. It is suitable for virtually anywhere, it can be especially recommended for technical applications in the electronics and automotive industry.

Description material: PC, Polycarbonate is the toughest plastic used for 3D printing. It has very good impact resistance and good thermal resistance. The advantage of this material is to maintain flexibility and cold. The disadvantage is the higher melting point material. The biggest find use for printing transparent prototypes. PC is often used in conjunction with ABS material, or is it an alternative, mainly due to similar properties that offer PC. Along with the nylon material and the ASA is the most difficult printable materials from all available. Processing temperature 250-280 DEG C.

The product, using polykrabonátu print, has high durability (high hardness, temperature resistance to 150 ° C, abrasion), but also light weight.

Storage Keep dry. Keep away from heat.

The main advantages of PC material:

  • toughness, high temperature resistance

    Weight incl. Packaging: 1.36 kg; The outer diameter of the coil: 200 mm; The diameter of the central bore: 56 mm; Coil width: 64 mm.

    The material is supplied in the href="" cardboard box , vacuum-packed with silica gel that absorbs moisture.

    Available in the color transparent.

Color: transparent
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,02 mm
Bed temperature: 90 - 110° C
Nozzle temperature: 240 - 260° C

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