BMG extruder

BMG extruder

BMG extruder is light extruder with two drives can operate under Bowden 3D the printer, and the printer with direct drive.

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Producer: na3D

BMG characterized by a gear ratio of 3: 1, a perfect combination of speed for installations with high precision and small nozzle parts with high resolution. Please note that the extruder is sold without engine, if necessary, top up!

Dual Drive

The two driven wheels grip the thread from both sides and provide a strong and reliable supply to hotendu.

Easily adjustable voltage

BMG is designed with a side door, which holds one of the twin gears. These doors are kept closed by the spring tension. This screw enables accurate tensioning drive gears for perfect posture fibers, as well as the ability to release tension and easily load or unload the fiber.

Multiple mounting options

Bondt BMG is designed for assembly with the mounting slot on the underside of the heater E3D or grooves Bowden tube. BMG lightweight design is ideal for direct drive configuration, it reduces the weight of the tool head. Thanks to the lighter tool head, the printer can move faster without sacrificing accuracy or printing quality due to fluctuation.


  • Supported filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Weight (motor) 75 g
  • The step E 415
  • Compatible stepper motor: NEMA17 (5 mm shaft)
  • Conversion: 3: 1

    This is a fully functional copy - we use every day on our printers

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