Large format printer Dragon from our production brings you a lot of options for printing. The printer is useful especially for printing large prototypes, architectural models, products, etc.. Press cover: 615 × 463 × 616 mm is sufficient for most printing 3D models. (We can satisfy your needs and deliver printers and much more - for options contact us) The printer has a high quality stepper motors from Panasonic - the precision of movement is 0.06 mm.

6996 € incl. VAT

Availability: In stock <10pcs

Producer: na3D

Price on request

Maximum print size: 615 × 463 × 615 mm

High accuracy: 0.06 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.8 mm (interchangeable with 0.4 or 1.2 mm)

Recommended layer height: 0.1 to 0.3 millimeters

Recommended printing speed: 60-150 mm / s (depending on material and required quality printout)

Strings diameter: 3 mm

Recommended materials PLA, PET, ABS, PVA and others. (The maximum temperature of 260 ° nozzle)

Great looks printer through 6 mm aluminum panel

Stable and heatable substrate up to 100 DEG C.

High quality direct extruder allows printing at high speeds.

The entire structure on adjustable legs for easy positioning, executable wheels for easy transport.

The printer includes a UPS (uninterruptible power) but thanks to control via tablet can make printing even after a power failure.

Linear guides and ball screws to maintain accuracy even for larger sizes

Rigid frame quality profiles 40x80 with several bracing screwed with angle.

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