3DLAC - spray for better adhesion

3DLAC - spray for better adhesion

SPECIAL COATING FOR 3D PRINTER TO ENLARGE PŘILNAVOSTISprej 400 ml. Sufficient for over 600 injections pads (advantage is that, when correctly applied to the first layer is not necessarily applied before each re-print). In case of dissatisfaction, we offer a refund within 30 days.

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SPECIAL COATING FOR 3D printer with improved adhesion without PARFUMACE

Our company has personally tested the following materials: PLA, PET, ABS, ASA, Flexfill, wood and bronze fill, NGEN, XT and XT-CF20.

Discover the special paint for 3D printers, without parfumace with more grip on every surface, 3DLAC.

With its help, you will not have a problem any printed material. With a properly coated spray, there is no problem even detach from copy items (the conditions are cool pads to room temperature).

3DLAC solves the problem of adhesion to most materials base. When lightly sprayed onto the mat is fixed to copy substrate. When printing is finished, copy revoke smoothly without damage.

3DLAC has been developed with the advice of chemical laboratories with more than 50 years of experience. Its composition contains no added flavorings (some people even smells pleasant) and improves the adhesion of print to the print surface.

The revolutionary coating that improves the amazing world of 3D printing.

Due to the characteristics replaces Kapton, adhesives and other often overpriced alternatives for lower cost and easier to use.


Lacquer spray the mat with a distance of 20 cm. After heating pads, the printout will be attached to the glass. After printing is complete, allow to cool and pad can smoothly take off your printout.


isopropyl, ALCOHOL, MERHYAL, isobutane, propane, VP / COPOLYMER, ALCOHOLDENAT. This product does not contain ingredients such as PBT / vPvB.


The vessel is under pressure and the contents is flammable

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