ESUN PLALAMENT 1.75mm, 1kg. Glossy printed surface and small laminated strip, good printing effect; Read more


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Producer: eSUN



Model: Epla-Gloss
Color: black

【Gloss Pla】 glossy, light, printed surface and small laminated striing, the supporting structure is easy to peel off. The PLA gloss has higher toughness, it is not easy to break it. The print speed is faster than ABS, PC, PA and other material, small shrinkage, without deformation, without cracking.

【Stable dimensional tolerance】 minimum tolerance and low ripple ensure consistent administration and stable printing, good layers of layers, less threading, no bubbles, easy handling, resulting in excellent finish and are highly accurate.

【Without tangling and without involving】 coil weighing 1 kg, perfect roundness and very tight tolerance of the diameter, it does not overlap or swallow. It melts well, serves smoothly and directly without blocking the nozzle or extruder, high print success.

【High compatibility】 GLOSS PLA is improved and upgraded on the basis of conventional PLA, maintains all the benefits of PLA, is easily printed as an ordinary PLA, is ecological and non -toxic. It is widely used in accessories, home decorations, toys, statues, shells and cosplay.

【environmentally friendly】 Scrap is re -used to produce recyclable coils and packaging boxes. The ESUN fiber comes in a closed vacuum bag with a drying bag, easily retains your 3D printer fibers in optimal storage conditions and without dust and dirt.


  • Compatibility - general common models, compatible with 99.99 % FDM printers on the market.
  • High -speed printing - compared to other materials such as ABS/PC/PA, is the print speed higher.
  • Easy peeling - smooth and straight surface of the support can be easily peeled off.
  • fiber diameter 1.75 mm (dimensional accuracy +/- 0.03 mm).
  • Recommended print temperature 190-230 ℃.
  • Epla-Lesk
  • The melt flow index: 3.3 (190 ℃/2,16 kg)
  • density: 1.26g/cm
  • zrubal impact force IZOD: 7.9 kj/㎡
  • tensile strength: 64.51 MPa
  • pulling for breaking: 31.54 %
  • bend strength: 68.99 MPa
  • bending module: 1514.78 MPa
  • thermal distortion temperature: 56.70 ℃
  • Recommended print temperature: 190-230 ℃
  • Lower plate: 60 ℃
  • fan: 100%
  • print speed: 40-100 mm/s

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22,51 €

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