Print With Smile - PLA - 1.75 mm - 500 g - color gradient

Print With Smile - PLA - 1.75 mm - 500 g - color gradient

PLA filaments from premium material. These are coils with filaments that were not included in the standard sale due to color variation, worse winding, or poor weight. These aspects have no effect on the quality of the filament. Read more


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We offer run-in / run-in spools of filaments from the run-in of production, when the string is not completely shiny. Also included in this category are coils with worse winding and poor weight, or have a deviation in color.

Coils may also have been removed from standard sales due to dirt on the coil.

The filaments are 1.75 mm in diameter with a tolerance of 0.05 mm.

We decided to include these coils in the sale because they meet the quality requirements for printing. Filaments are not older than 4 months. The coils together with the desiccant bag are vacuum packed in a ZIP bag. Spools are no longer packaged in our one-piece PrintWithSmile boxes.


Recommended printing temperature: 215 - 230 °C
Heating pad: 60 - 63 °C
Material flow rate: 100%
nozzle diameter: >= 0.2 mm

Our PLA filaments are made from premium and proven Nature_works material

Characteristics of PLA filament for printing on 3D printers:

-perfectly impermeable to odors and smells
-the filament is impermeable to oxygen
-easy to shape, print and emboss
-high resolution printed details
-excellent against humidity
-high stiffness
-low shrinkage
-EN 13432 – European standard on compostability
-the filament is made from 100% renewable resources

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Additional information

Category: PLA
Color: blue, black
Weight: 0,5 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,05 mm
Nozzle temperature: 215 - 230° C
Print With Smile - PLA - 1.75 mm - 500 g - color gradient
Print With Smile - PLA - 1.75 mm - 500 g - color gradient

10,59 €

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