Wood Filament Natural 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg

Wood Filament Natural 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg

Wood Filament Natural 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg. The basis of the Wood material is classic PLA combined with particles of ground wood. Such a material has a unique feature. Not only does it look like wood, but also retains the structure of real wood. Finished prints can be painted and machined. Read more

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40,55 €

Producer: Spectrum


  • resistance to material deformation
  • durability and stability of prints
  • high quality

advantages Spectrum Wood :

  • from biodegradable raw materials
  • printing of 0.4 mm nozzle
  • Very easy print
  • print surface
  • prints with the appearance of real wood
  • Possibility of grinding and painting
  • Easy to separate the object from the printing area

A print string is wound on a transparent coil. The coil contains information about the type of material, diameter and recommended to the print temperature. Each coil is vacuum packed with a moisture absorber. Paper instructions on the operator inside. The whole in the original packaging fiber Spectrum.

general information

Color: Natural wood
Fiber diameter: 1.75 mm
Dimensional tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
print temperature: 190 ° - 220 ° C
Heated table: Not required
Clean Weight: 1000 G
Total Weight: 1300 G
Coil Dimensions: st. ext. - 20 cm, st. ext. - 5.2 cm, width - 5.5 cm

physical and thermal properties of base material

Specific weight: 1.24 g/cm 3
MFR (210 ° C/2,16 kg), g/10 min : 6 (ASTM D1238)
Thermal stress temperature: 55 ° C
tensile strength: 53 MPa (Astm D882)
tensile strength: 60 MPa (Astm D882) > Elasticity module: 3.5 MPa (ASTM D882)
impact resistance: 16J/M (Astm D256)

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Additional information

Category: Wood filaments
Color: wood
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,03 mm
Bed temperature: 0 - 60° C
Nozzle temperature: 190 - 220° C
Wood Filament Natural 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg
Wood Filament Natural 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg

40,55 €

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