PLA filament Pink Panther 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg

PLA filament Pink Panther 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg

PLA filament Pink Panther 1.75 mm Spectrum 1 kg

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PLA is one of the most commonly used 3D printing materials. It is fully biodegradable material that is environmentally friendly. PLA is a great choice in a wide range of printing applications. It has very important benefits - for printing odorless, has very little shrinkage and his printing press does not need heated washer. PLA is the material with which you can successfully print durable, decorative and total solid prints. In addition, easy printing - ideal for beginners in 3D printing.

Using Spectrum PLA Filament your 3D model obtained:

- deformation resistance
- durability and stability of the Item
- high quality

The PLA Filaments from Spectrum ensures stable printout.

PLA Advantages:
- made of biodegradable materials
- ability to print without a heating pad
- models easy separation from the substrate after printing
- quite high strength
- easily workable material
- relatively low melting point
- after cooling no changes and deformations < / P>

The fiber is wound onto a clean transparent spool. Each coil contains information about the type of material, diameter and temperature recommended print. The fiber is vacuum-packed together with silica gel to absorb moisture. Inside the package is also accompanied by instructions for use. The whole product is packaged in its original packaging firm Spectrum Filaments.

Color: Pink Pink Panther
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Dimensional tolerance: ± 0.05mm
printing temperature: 185-215 ° C
Heated washer: no need
Net weight: 1000 g

The physical and thermal properties of the base material
Specific gravity: 1.24 g / cm 3
MFR (210 ° C / 2.16 kg) g / 10 min: 6 (1238)
thermal transition temperature: 55 ° C
tensile strength at break 53 MPa (ASTM D882)
tensile strength: 60 MPa (ASTM D882)
tensile modulus: 3.5 MPa (ASTM D882)
impact strength of 16 J / m ( ASTM D256)

Color: pink
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,05 mm
Bed temperature: 0 - 60° C
Nozzle temperature: 190 - 220° C

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