Adhesive liquid preparation for 3D printing Devil Design 110 ml

Adhesive liquid preparation for 3D printing Devil Design 110 ml

Adhesive liquid preparation for 3D printing Devil Design 110 ml

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Producer: Devil Design

Devil Design presents new product - liquid glue on the print substrate (110 mL). This is a formulation for improved adhesion of surface depending on the temperature - adhesion increases with increasing substrate temperature. After printing, after cool pad, the model can be easily removed again from the press pad. It is a liquid formulation. Does not therefore no gas and is environmentally friendly. During printing, smell, on the contrary has a pleasant vanilla scent.

The product is soluble in water and easy to clean. Increased adhesion is tested for materials PLA, PLA-ST, ABS, ABS + T ABS, HIPS, ASA, TPU, PET-G.

first Clean the print area of ​​the printer. Make sure that the press pad temperature is below 50 ° C!
second The adhesive stick Devil Design Shake a few seconds, then apply to (nevyhřátou) print pad. After unscrewing the lid, you can find Houbičková applicator, which you will achieve very precise application only where you really need.
3rd Wait for 2 minutes until the surface is completely dry, before Win substrate to the desired temperature. The temperature dial according to the selected type of filament. You can navigate the recommended operating temperature liquid adhesive Devil Design see table below.
When heated pad, you can start printing.
4th After printing a 3D object wait until the printing plate to cool. The model should go after the press after cooling easily removed from the pad.

Temperatures pad according to type of material:

ABS, ABS + 90 ° C - 100 DEG C
ASA 90 ° C - 100 DEG C
HIPS 90 ° C - 100 DEG C
PLA 50 ° C - 60 C
PET-G 70 ° C - 80 C
TPU 20 ° C - 80 C

The amount in the bottle will last you for a long time, depending on frequency of use and the size of the print area on the order of several kilograms of the filament.

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