Fillamentum MAGIGOO glue stick for better grip 50 ml

Fillamentum MAGIGOO glue stick for better grip 50 ml

Fillamentum MAGIGOO glue stick for better grip 50 ml

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Producer: Magigoo

MAGIGOO is easy to use liquid "glue" designed to solve your problem with the adhesion of the first layer, which is a fundamental problem in FDM 3D printing technology. When good grip is separated from the printing press itself platforms. Good adhesion of the first layer is important since this layer forms the basis for the rest of the press. MAGIGOO has been specially designed for universal use. As well it work for the PLA and ABS and other filaments.

MAGIGOO be easily cleaned with water - which is the most common and available solvent. After each print, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth removed to prevent excessive accumulation of product MAGIGOO.

The adhesive properties of MAGIGOO are designed to hold the pattern during printing and released it after cooling. During the cooling process, you will hear a distinctive popping sound in both ABS and PLA for. This leads to peel off from the pad print and complete cool 3D prints can be easily removed without tools and excessive force.

MAGIGOO helps combat distortion - which is often a recurring problem with ABS and ASA materials. This advantage will certainly appreciate, especially when printing several hours. In this case really depends on how to avoid distortions and adhesion problems and your long printing was okay completed.

lasts over 100 application. It is soluble in water and thus easy to clean.


first Removal of sealing foil
Before first use, it is necessary to remove the wheel from seals that prevent drying out and spill during transport. Unscrew and remove the applicator cap sealing foil.
second Product applications
Apply a press pad continuous thin film which ensures adhesion to the print substrate. Once the product is applied, it is recommended to reseal the bottle so that the internal liquid does not dry out, which could cause clogging applicator.
3rd Print Model
Magigoo can be used for 3D printers with heated and unheated press pad.
4th Removing the model from the substrate
When printing, the connection between the materials of very strong, once cooling to room temperature, the printing can be removed without the use of violence.
5th Cleaning pads
In unevenly distributed remainder of the composition after printing is appropriate to use a pad in place wiped with a damp cloth. For further press then you can apply a new layer and let it dry.

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