Motherboard Tango V1.0

Motherboard Tango V1.0

The motherboard is the brain of the 3D printer, which is based on ATmega2560 AVR processor.

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Producer: BIQU

  1. Supports 3 color filament. To operate 3D printers can use a computer with a USB cable.
  2. 6 input interface for stepper motor
  3. 5 Temperature sensor
  4. Support LCD screen and SD expansion cards for offline printing
  5. ATmega2560 use as the main control chip with high-performance chip USB to UART CP2102 is compatible with all firmwares RAMPS
  6. Input Voltage: 12-24V
  7. PWM DC output (heating elements, fans, etc.); 6 outputs (1 a large current flows 3 medium, 2 small currents) driven by the high performance MOS transistors with low resistance, such as LED indicator for each output


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