Dimafix spray for improved adhesion 400 ml

Dimafix spray for improved adhesion 400 ml

DimaFix Spray Adhesive is a flowable adhesive spray aerosolem.DimaFix Spray ensures perfect adhesion and temperature dependent 3D ABS

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Producer: DIMAFIX

DimaFix Adhesive Spray is a sprayable adhesive spray aerosol.

DimaFix Spray provides a perfect temperature-dependent adhesion ABS 3D prints on a hot bed 3D printers. Due to the temperature dependence DimaFixu activates the adhesive and the adhesion of the spray temperature of 60 ° C and higher. At temperatures lower than 60 ° C spraying has no adhesion enhancing properties. Adhesive spray DimaFix is ​​completely soluble in water.

Adhesion spray relative to the substrate temperature:

20 ° C - 60 C None optimized adhesion properties
60 ° C - 75 ° C, Moderate adhesion for simple geometry
75 ° C - 95 ° C, High adhesion, for long and complex geometry prints
Over 95 C Very high adhesion, for long and complex geometry prints


The first Clean the print area of ​​the printer.

The second Make sure that the press pad temperature is lower than 50 ° C!

The third Adhesive spray Dimafix few seconds shake, then apply it by spraying onto (nevyhřátou; T bed & lt; 50 ° C) the print substrate from a distance of 30 cm.

The fourth Wait a few seconds before the surface dries before Win substrate to the desired temperature. The temperature according to the selected dial-type material and the recommended working temperatures Dimafixu see table above. 3D printing can begin.

5th After printing, the 3D object wait until the print bed completely cooled (T bed & lt; 65 C).

6th Carefully remove the printed model of the press pad.

advantages: Avoids deformation (twisting) of the model, easy to clean, since it is soluble in water. Manufacturer specifies the use of spray Dimafix to 100 applications from a 400 ml package.

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