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Introducing the powerful and fast SINTRATEC S2 printer to ensure that you will change your ideas at a high speed. The affordable "all in one" SINTRATEC S2 allows you to minimize downtime and benefit from the low-cost operation. Read more

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Producer: Sintratec


3D printer SINTRATEC S2
- compact and expandable SLS system

with a new scalable compact SINTRATEC S2 system, you can turn your ideas into a short time, layer and high speed. The SLS modular production system can be expanded as needed and perfectly adapted to your needs. Take advantage of the unimaginable potential in professional prototyping and optimize your applications.

Material, printing and extraction processes are integrated into a closed and semi-automatic system that is new and unique in selective laser sinning.

Modularly and separately designed

Affordable solution "all in one" sintratec S2 allows you to minimize downtime and benefit from the low-cost operation. You can change the material in a short time and lengthy cleaning processes are the past.

A selective laser sintering system consists of laser specimens (LSS), material core units (MCU) and material handling stations (MHS). Together these modules form a uniquely separate process system for additive production.

As soon as the high-quality SLS prints are completed at the specimens station, the printed objects are then comfortably and purely cleaned at the handling station. The sophisticated unit of the core of the material makes it easy to switch from one printing material to another and limits downtime. With the design of the modular system, you can expand your SLS machines as needed.

Laser sintering station SINTRATEC S2 (LSS)

Thanks to the cylindrical volume of the printing station, Sintratec is given consistent and homogeneous print results. You can watch your printing task at any time live and use the integrated high-resolution camera to evaluate the surface of individual printed layers in real time. The exact laser scan system allows better repetition accuracy and fast printing processes. A sophisticated heating system gives your components a high-quality finish.

Faster printing thanks to shorter preparation time

  • Accurate laser scanning system
  • Eight controlled heating zones for optimal printing processes

Technical specifications

  • Laser scanning system X-Y for fast printing
  • A high-resolution camera for real-time evaluation
  • Touch display for direct control
  • network connection for remote control and monitoring
  • Contactless measurement of a point to control the surface temperature of the powder
  • multi-zone heating
  • Station for handling the sintratec S2 (MHS) For reworking the used printing material on the printing material, you no longer need other devices - all thanks to the effective function of sorting and mixing the Sintratec material. A freely accessible workspace with an air filtration system provides a clear view of the object to be deprived of dust and allows a clean working environment.
  • No additional tools
  • are not needed to screen printing material
  • High visibility in the removal of dust from parts
  • operation on the touch screen
  • technical specifications
  • air filtration system
  • high-resolution camera for real-time monitoring
  • touch screen for direct control
  • network connection for remote control and monitoring
  • Integrated Sorting and Mixing Function
  • Sintratec S2 (MCU)
  • Mobile core units of Sintratec with integrated powder mixing function ensure comfortable powder handling. Several units allow you to increase the diversity of material and shorten downtime.
  • High level of process reliability
  • Integrated multi-zone heating for cylinders
  • Two inner tanks for a fast layer replacement
  • Integrated Re-application system (coordinated with powder)


Technical specifications

height x width x depth 1,490 x 990 x 600 mm
Weight 62.5 kg
power source 230 V / 11 and MAX / 50 - 60 Hz
height × width × depth 1.570 × 990 × 600 mm
Weight 57 kg
power source 230 V | 5 and Max | 50 - 60 Hz

 * Effective printing range depends on application and material. For example: The current general printing range of Sintratec PA12 is CAA. to a height of 360 mm and an average of 130 mm, except for a small area reserved for temperature sensing.  Material for Sintratec S2:

  • sintratec pa12
  • sintratec tpe
  • Other options soon ...


maximum print height 400 mm*
minimum print height 160 mm*
height × width × depth 1.100 × 850 × 530 mm
Weight 59 kg

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