Filament-PM PLA violet print wire 1.75 mm Filament PM 1 kg

Filament-PM PLA violet print wire 1.75 mm Filament PM 1 kg

PLA purple print string is a versatile material for printing technology FDM. Press strings Czech brand Filament PM, also known as "Plastics Mladeč". Strings thickness: 1.75 mm.

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Producer: Filament-PM

Press strings Czech brand Filament PM, which falls under the company Mladeč Plastics are among the high-quality materials and ensure trouble-free printing. Is employed in production of laser thickness measurement which is secured string of constant diameter throughout its length. These strings are protected by a dual shield against UV radiation, and each package is present in a desiccant pouch which prevents possible moisture material. Press strings are manufactured in a wide variety of colors.

PLA purple print string is a versatile material for FDM printing technology, suitable for printing large objects. It is the most widely used material for 3D printing without having to heat the printing plate.

Suitability PLA:

PLA filament is easily printed, is biodegradable (and thus environmentally friendly). But it is a material that is not suitable for outdoor use, degrades and becomes brittle when exposed to UV radiation. It is also heat resistant. Even at 30-50 ° C prints soften and deform. It is therefore not appropriate to carry copies in automobiles. PLA is a combustible material. Therefore, we recommend you do not leave the printer when printing with the material long-term unattended.

Finish PLA - the material can not be easily abraded by grinding (rubbing) generates heat that causes the "pulling" of the fibers printout. Therefore, it is suitable for manual grinding printout cool such that it will grind under water. For the same reason it is difficult to print drill holes (again problem with heating). The material should be sprayed first filler (used for modeling) and then sanded, sprayed again and again and again until the model for us, perfectly smooth and then sprayed with paint. The resulting model can also be inserted into the "omílačky" along with shells, stones, remnants of filaments, pieces of copies ...

Bonding PLA : glue with activator spray (sometimes even themselves sufficient glue)

Recommended print settings PLA : To print just the use of the commonly used nozzles . The nozzle diameter is chosen according to the fineness of the surface of what we want to achieve or by force adjustment layers to print. This optimum setting exists recount formula, no less just simple rule + -0.2 mm - that if we want the layer thickness of 1.25 should not have a larger diameter than the nozzle 0.3 mm . At higher layers use a nozzle with a larger diameter at the weaker with less contrast.

Temperature Washers - keeps the heat is not required or only for better adhesion of material to the substrate to 50 ° C.

Recommended settings: printing temperature: 210 DEG C , retraction of 0.8 mm, speed 60 mm / s (outline 70%) layer of 0.2 mm - 0.05 mm. When using a printer with the PEI film must be well degreased washer. The resultant printout is smooth, slightly shiny without visible errors.

To Storage We recommend to ensure a dry environment. Under poor storage in humid environment will absorb moisture, which is manifested as bubbles during printing on the surface.

coil outer diameter 202 mm, internal hole 50 mm, width 90 mm. Packaged bobbin weight 1.4 kg. The print string is wound on a spool of black, in a plastic vacuum packaging, cardboard box, and yet another polythene bag.

Quantity PLA filament fibers on 1 kg spool is approximately 330 meters. The value is approximate because the diameter of the cord may vary according to the tolerance indicated by the manufacturer. AT Plastics Mladeč it is + - 0.05 mm.

Color: purple
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,05 mm
Bed temperature: 0 - 60°C
Nozzle temperature: 195 - 210°C

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