Flexfill TPE 96A print string 1.75 mm 0.5 kg Natural Fillamentum

Flexfill TPE 96A print string 1.75 mm 0.5 kg Natural Fillamentum

Flexfill TPE 96A print string 1.75 mm 0.5 kg Natural Fillamentum

37,40 € incl. VAT

Availability: 1-7 days

Producer: Fillamentum

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer based on polypropylene. Fillamentum Industrial Flexfill TPE offers two levels of hardness and softer filament with a hardness of Shore 90A and 96A Shore harder. Both types Flexfill TPE at first glance differ from TPU. TPE has a matte appearance and is pleasant to the touch compared to Flexfill TPU, which is more glossy surface. TPE material from Fillamentum is safe for skin contact and food. Of course, it has official certification for these applications. Thanks to its use of 3D printing very broad. Among the more important advantages include chemical resistance, resistance to water, acids, and bases. Models printed TPE are washable and resistant to dirt. TPE is a high quality, dimensionally stable fiber print very good adhesion layers with a smooth matte finish.


    • Flexible printed objects

        • High-quality fiber for 3D printing

            • The smooth, non-sticky surface pleasant to touch

                • Dimensional stability

                    • Good news properties odorless when printing

                        • Adhesion layers

                            • Excellent mechanical properties - tensile strength, abrasion resistance

                                • Good chemical resistance against water, acids, alkalis and alcohol

                                    • dirt resistance, washability

                                        • safe material BPA

                                            • Recyclable

                                              Available VP Rumer 1.75 mm Length 3D
                                              strings Flexfill TPE (1.75 mm, 500 g) on ​​a reel: 170 m

                                              Recommended values:

                                              The printing temperature: 225-245 ° C
                                              substrate temperature: 50-60 C

                                              We recommend printing speed of about 15- 25 mm / s by printer

Color: natural
Weight: 0,5 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,1 mm
Bed temperature: 50 - 60°C
Nozzle temperature: 225 -245°C
Hardness: 96 ShA

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