MoldLay filament wax (Wax Alike) 2.85 mm 250 g

MoldLay filament wax (Wax Alike) 2.85 mm 250 g

MoldLay filament wax (Wax Alike) 2.85 mm 250 g

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The material is a plastic MoldLay print string with the characteristics of the wax. It was designed specifically for the production of molds. At room temperature, the material is very rigid and solid when heated at 270 ° C thanks to a specially selected oil liquefied paraffins (with light oil viscosity). Printing nearly as PLA, but at a lower temperature (recommended hotend 180 ° C, the pad 40 ° C). Nozzle size recommended because of surface smoothness of from .2 to 0.3 mm.

MOLDLAY Specifications and features:

- almost zero deformation
- can print without heating pad (however recommended to heat the substrate 40 ° C)
- prints at temperatures of 170-180 ° C
- liquified by treatment of oven at about 270 DEG C

3D printing material MoldLay is ideal for those who want to print their own forms. This can dostáhnout two ways. You can either print the negatives object and then fill with resin, or print the object, and then cast in concrete form, as shown in this video: v = 3RdwKWXnbrM

MoldLay filament is not soluble in lemonelu (HIPS can be used as a support), it can be a conventional glue-second adhesive. Not exterminate acetone, but you can grind. It can also wipe out the heater, but it may be deformed. It's harder than most waxes, but can be cut with a knife.

Made in Germany.

Weight: 0,25 kg
Average: 2,85 mm - 3 mm

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