INNOVATEFIL PEI ULTEM natural filaments 1.75 mm 400 g

INNOVATEFIL PEI ULTEM natural filaments 1.75 mm 400 g

INNOVATEFIL PEI ULTEM natural filaments 1.75 mm 400 g

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Producer: Innovatefil


Innovatefil® PEI is a fiber made of ULTEM ™ resin 9085th Due to the high glass transition temperature has excellent properties at elevated temperatures. This high-performance polymer offers high thermal and mechanical resistance, excellent dimensional stability and very good resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Innovatefil ULTEM 9085 ™ thermoplastic fiber for applications that require high performance, focusing on aerospace, military or automotive industry. Its main advantage is the ratio of the resistance and weight, it also has excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making it especially suitable for buildings with demanding applications.


- while maintaining their mechanical characteristics suffers permanent temperature up to 170 ° C!
< span style = "font-size: 10pt;"> - high mechanical strength and stiffness
- High dimensional stability
- very good hydrolysis resistance
- Good electrical insulation and resistance radiation exposure
- is resistant to most chemicals (e.g. to chlorine and alkaline and acidic cleaners)

- Diameter: 1.75 mm (± 0.03)

- Operating temperature: 350-380 DEG C.
- substrate temperature: 140-180 DEG C.
- Barrel temperature: & gt; 120 C < / P>

Before buying this high-temperature polymer filament, please make sure that your device allows these temperatures print!

sizes: S 400 g < / span>

Recyclable. May come into contact with food.

Color: natural
Weight: 0,4 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,03 mm
Bed temperature: 140-160°C
Nozzle temperature: 350-380°C

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