PETG HT100 Clear 1.75 mm filament Spectrum 0.5 kg

PETG HT100 Clear 1.75 mm filament Spectrum 0.5 kg

PETG HT100 Clear 1.75 mm filament Spectrum 0.5 kg

18,40 € incl. VAT

Availability: 1-7 days

Producer: Spectrum

Spectrum HT100 PET-G is a copolyester based fibers intended for 3D printing technologies FFF / FDM. The material is intended for advanced users of 3D printers, especially for those who require superior durability and print operation in real conditions. The fiber does not contain styrene, it is a material with a slight odor which comes into contact with food. Excellent dimensional stability allows for 3D printing objects with precise dimensions, which is especially important for objects composed of many elements. One of the greatest advantages of PET-G HT100 increased temperature resistance. Models can withstand up to 100 degrees Celsius.

The fiber of PET-G HT100 give your 3D model:

- the same heat resistance as the ABS
- possibility of machining
durability - mechanical strength

Benefits Spectrum PET-G HT100:

- high thermal resistance (100 ° C)
- high dimensional stability
- high surface quality printed products
- excellent durability and chemical resistance
- does not contain styrene, printing odorless


transparent wound on the spool, which contains information on the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Each filament spool is vacuum packaging with desiccant inside.

Color: transparent
Weight: 0,5 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,05 mm
Bed temperature: 100-110°C
Nozzle temperature: 250-280°C

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