3D Maker Pen Factory UN-400B SE

3D Maker Pen Factory UN-400B SE

3D Maker Pen Factory UN-400B SE

61,20 € incl. VAT

Availability: 1-7 days

Complete equipment
This 3D printing pen offers everything you need to express your creativity. In addition to the range of materials for printing is also included practical pen holder.

3D printing in a compact format
Like most 3D printers work this 3D pen on a principle called. melt deposition modeling (FDM - FDM). Under this method, the plastic fiber inside the pen melts and then is gently dispensed through the nozzle. On the air, then plastic hardens quickly, which allows you to draw only two dimensions, but in three dimensions.

Ergonomic design
The ergonomic design allows for easy pen drawing under ideal conditions. To create three-dimensional models of their own imagination do not need any prior knowledge. While 3D printing pen operated as easily as a traditional pen.

Turning speed
With 8 speed steps can draw with a pen and accurately stably.

Support ABS and PLA fibers
Pen promotes fibers of PLA, PCL and ABS with a diameter of 1.75 mm. Let yourself be carried away by your creativity and get to work. The necessary fibers are already included.

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