SPECTRUM PETG Deep Black 1.75 mm 2 kg

SPECTRUM PETG Deep Black 1.75 mm 2 kg


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Strings for 3D printing Polish manufacturer Spectrum. In a cardboard box material can be found in vacuum packed with silica gel to absorb moisture. Boxes with coil weighs about 2.5 kg The cord is wound on a spool of black industrial Strings diameter 1.75 mm (tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm) Description of the material: The mechanical properties of the thermoplastic PET combine both high strength and flexibility. Therefore perfectly suited for printing mechanically stressed parts, which is also laid claim to long-term durability. The durability of the thermoplastic is due to the good physicochemical properties such as a high range of temperatures and resistance to chemicals such as solvents and mild acids and bases. With low thermal expansion coefficient, this material can be printed on printers without the heated chamber, or the printing plate. Application: mechanically stressed parts-gears, parts for model RC spare dílyTvarové containers for food and chemical samples nápojeNádobky Extract main characteristics: the more flexible and stronger than PLA and ABSVysoká impact strength and durability suited for mechanically stressed and Zarova dílyVětší thermal resistance than ABS PLADobře brousitelnýOdolný to solvents and weaker solutions of acids and zásadZdravotně harmless materiálMalé shrinkage chladnutí- not necessarily heated mat or Chamber - assuming that is lubricated with an adhesive pad - např.KORES100% recyclable

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