SPECTRUM HIPS-X Deep Black 1.75 mm 0.85 kg

SPECTRUM HIPS-X Deep Black 1.75 mm 0.85 kg


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Strings for 3D printing Polish manufacturer Spectrum. In a cardboard box material can be found in vacuum packed with silica gel to absorb moisture. Boxes with coil weighs about 1.4 kg The cord is wound on the spool clear Strings diameter 1.75 mm (tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm) Figure spool is illustrative of one kg pack Description of the material: Hips is a material that is the most commonly enjoyed as a support material for ABS. Support structures of HIPS are washed away after printing in Lemonesolu (Lemonesol rozpoušzědlo is produced from citrus seeds). HIPS can also be used to print their own models. Application: Printing supports Listing the main features: Supports for ABS Soluble in Lemonesolu

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