TPS flexible filament natural Herz 1.75 mm 750 g

TPS flexible filament natural Herz 1.75 mm 750 g

TPS flexible filament natural Herz 1.75 mm 750 g

65,16 € incl. VAT

Availability: 1-7 days

Producer: Herz

TPS (thermoplastic elastomer based on styrene):

Jenda is a soft flexible filament for 3D printing. Surely find wide application, eg. A sealing ring in a machine or a non-slip feet for other components and so on. wherever you use a high degree of elastic (reversible) deformation. TPE elasticity of the fibers is measured in Shore A hardness. There are great differences, from very soft to hard materials that are already difficult to bend. Filament from TPS Herz has a value of 75 Shore A, so nejměkší we offer

recommendation extruder with direct administration of the filament

    < li> temperature printing & nbsp; 220-240 C
  • substrate temperature: 70-80 DEG C
  • Packaging & nbsp; 0.75 kg
  • Width strings: & nbsp; 1.75 mm
  • diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Color: & nbsp; natural

    spool size:

    Diameter: 200 mm
    in the shaft hole diameter: 52 mm
    Width: 65mm

    Herz Tech Line filament is produced in Hungary.

    is the diameter measured and controlled by a dual-axis laser probe. And dye granules have been specially developed for the production of filaments. Feedstock neobsaují no recycled materials, the resulting filament meet the strictest quality requirements.

    A new type of filament coils for HERZ has openings that provide a demountable and therefore the possibility of refilling bezcívkovým filament. We offer & nbsp; bezcívkové PLA, and PETG Refill filaments from Fiberlogy .

Color: natural
Weight: 1 kg
Average: 1,75 mm
Diameter: ± 0,05 mm
Bed temperature: 70 - 80° C
Nozzle temperature: 220 - 240° C

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