UV Resin flexible clear Photocentric 1 kg Printer DLP

UV Resin flexible clear Photocentric 1 kg Printer DLP

UV Resin flexible clear Photocentric 1 kg Printer DLP

84,80 € incl. VAT

Availability: 1-7 days

Producer: Photocentric

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Copies of flexible polymer are still tough but flexible. The printout can easily bend or compress goes back to its original form. Flex resin is typically lower tensile strength and higher elongation.

The wavelength for curing printer for DLP 385 nm
are available on request and printable resin on a laser printer, 3D, where the curing of the resin at 405 nm.

Fixed Photocentric UV resin are produced in different colors: black, white, and clear.

A complete range of UV resins from Photocentric:

  • Rigid Rigid tag Photocentric resin suitable for solid objects that are under greater force are slightly elastically deformed. Copies of this type of material may be slightly bent and stretched slightly during compression, but still maintaining good shear strength with limited elongation length.
    Hardness : 65ShD
  • Hard
    tags Photocentric hard resin is ideal for manufacturing articles where it is desirable extremely hard copy which it does not deform even at a higher power load. This type of UV resin has moderate shrinkage (2%). Curing proceeds rapidly. the prints exhibit very good tensile strength, high Vicat softening temperature, and have almost no elongation
    Hardness: 77 ShD
  • Flexi
    Copies of the flexible polymer still tough but flexible. the printout can easily be bent or compressed and goes back to its original form. the low tensile strength and higher elongation are typical Flexi polymer.
    Flex: 85 ShA
  • pourable
    castable photopolymer is specifically designed so as to produce high quality molds. when burning leaves almost no ash. when burning is increasing temperature resin gassed to prevent pressure build-up during casting. it will remain dry very detailed surface ideal for your form.
    Hardness 75 ShD
  • Tough
    The products are solid, but exhibit good flexibility, strength, good tensile properties and shear strength, low shrinkage. After compression, returns to its original position.
    Hardness 80 ShD
  • High
    The prints exhibit a high tensile strength, low elongation and low shrinkage. Objects will not bend.
    Hardness: 60 ShD < / li>

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