Brass nozzle M6 Czech production of 0.3 / 1.75

Brass nozzle M6 Czech production of 0.3 / 1.75

Brass nozzle M6 Czech production of 0.3 / 1.75

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quality brass nozzle 0.30 mm M6 suitable for printing strings 1.75 mm wide.

The nozzle is part of the print head (extruder), which determines how detailed your printout will be. Using a nozzle having a smaller orifice provides a finer printing, but also increases significantly the overall printing time. The most commonly used is a nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm.

Brass nozzle has excellent thermal conductivity and good mechanical properties and is suitable for most types of thermoplastic materials (ABS, PLA, ASA, PET, PC, nylon, ...); only in case of using a material with higher abrasion (plastic with an admixture of metal fibers, filters, metal materials and the like.), it is recommended to use a nozzle made of steel.

After screwing nozzle hotend recommended to warm the printhead to the operating temperature (approximately 230 ° C) and a nozzle heat tightened to prevent leakage.

The nozzle is suitable for example. Elegant3D Printer Printer 2 Prusa i3 and all the others that have a thread for the nozzle sizes M6.

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