Daylight Resin - photopolymer for LC Printer

Daylight Resin - photopolymer for LC Printer

Daylight resin offered in 6 variants (hard, tough, flexible, pourable, tough, high strength) and in several colors. Resins are compatible with printers and other Photocentric. The volume of resin: 1 kg

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Producer: Photocentric 3D

Resin is designed for printers Photocentric


Hard resin is ideal for manufacturing articles where you want a hard copy, which does not deform even under higher forces. Resin has a slight shrinkage (2%) and rapidly hardens. The prints have a very good tensile strength, high Vicat softening point, almost no elongation. Flex: 80 ShD


The solid is decomposable resin for objects that are under greater force is slightly elastically deformed. Copies will be easy to bend and stretch the use of force. Copies of the tensile strength and elongation are limited. Flex: 40 ShD


Copies of flexible polymer are still tough but flexible. The printout can easily be bent or compressed and goes back to its original form. Low tensile strength and higher elongation are typical Flexi polymer. Hardness: 65 ShA


The castable photopolymer is specially designed to produce qualitatively superior form. To burn leaves almost no ash. When the firing temperature increases is gasified resin to prevent the pressure increase in casting. It will remain dry very detailed surface ideal for your form. Flex: 80 ShD


The products are solid, but exhibit good flexibility, strength, good tensile properties and shear strength, low shrinkage. After pressing returns to its original position. Flex: 80 ShD


The prints exhibit a high tensile strength, low elongation and low shrinkage. Objects will not bend. Flex: 80 ShD

COLOR resin will be resolved individually!

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