Tiger (L)

Maximum print dimensions: 610 × 458 × 305 mmVysoká accuracy: 0.06 mmPrůměr nozzle: 0.8 mm (interchangeable with 0.4 or 1.2 mm) Recommended layer thickness: 0.1 to 0.3 mmDoporučená printing speed: 60 -150 mm / sec (depending on the material and the required print quality) diameter cord 3 mmDoporučené materials PLA, PET, PVA and others. (The maximum temperature of the die of 260 °) The price of the product on demand to poptavka@na3d.cz

Availability: Ask first

Producer: na3D

Great looks printer through 6 mm aluminum panel

Stable and heatable pad

Holder spool of ABS

Stainless steel screws

high temperature resistant outer casing tube with spiral cable protection

corners of soft PVC for better soundproofing and stbailitu

Linear guides and ball screws to maintain accuracy even for larger sizes

Rigid frame quality profiles

Bowden feeder extruder with quality

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