2 jet printer C (l) - sale


Maximum print dimensions: 255×210×300 mm. High precision: 0.06 mm Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (replaceable with others) Recommended layer height: 0.05-0.3 mm Recommended print speed: up to 120 mm/s (depending on the material and desired print quality) String diameter : 1.75 mm Recommended materials: PLA, PET, ABS PVA and others. (Maximum nozzle temperature 260°) Low energy consumption: 0.1 kW/hour Read more

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Producer: na3D


Option to print support material with a second nozzle for easier postprocessing
Two-color printing of objects - make your prints more interesting

  • The corners of the printer are made of soft PVC to ensure stability and noise reduction.
  • Lightweight travel with hotends can reach higher speeds (tested up to 150 mm/s). Extruders are solved using a BMG extruder with bodntech wheels.
  • Filament sensors for detecting the end of the string are part of the extruder.
  • The printing pad is a MK52 style magnetic pad.
  • The print head contains a PINDA sensor for automatic alignment of the pad.
  • The high-quality aluminum pad with a thickness of 3 mm ensures uniform and quick heating. In combination with 5 mm thick borosilicate glass, the mat can support up to 20 kg
  • The printer has an internal chamber light.
  • The printer is fully enclosed and is therefore also suitable for printing more temperature-demanding materials.
  • Parts from the I3MK3S printer were used for the printers. The printer combines the advantages of MK3S+ printers with a cube design.
  • Inside the printer there is a place to store spools of filament - to dry other spools during printing or, with a small upgrade, the possibility of printing material from inside the printer for drying during printing.
  • We recommend a personal visit with a demonstration of the printer where we can show you all its advantages.


This is a printer from our showroom - that is, a bazaar product with a shortened warranty.

2 jet printer C (l) - sale
2 jet printer C (l) - sale

1489,21 €

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